ABB introduces new robot for safer, high precision arc welding

ABB's IRB1520 lD - Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR)The ABB Robotics team is pleased to announce the arrival of the new IRB15201D. This robot is a high performance robot with integrated process dressing design technology. This latest technology includes a hose package on the upper arm and welding cables at the base, all of which are totally integrated to the robot providing a shielded covering.

The IRB1520lD is competitively priced and designed to ensure success in a wide range of welding applications. The robot can be mounted on the floor or inverted, offering a wide range of production possibilities, and has been designed with a slim upper arm for easy access to narrow spaces.

Benefits include:

  • reliable welding
  • high path accuracy
  • reduced cycle times
  • long lifetime of the hose package and cablings
  • minimium of floor space requirements
  • easy access to narrow spaces
  • high welding quality

See MAR’s welding solutions here, or contact us for more information.