ABB IRB 2600 Stole the Spotlight at the Solebox Shop Opening in Berlin

An in-store industrial robot that collects your preferred shoe model for you to try on.


Best known for their sneakers and surprising their customers, Solebox, drew throngs of curious onlookers by deploying an ABB industrial robot to help sort and shelve its trendy shoes.

Here’s how it works: If a customer is interested in a particular model, he or she pushes a button on a control panel and the IRB 2600 – typically used for things like arc welding, material handling and machine tending – will grab the desired shoebox and bring it to a drawer with its pneumatic gripper.

The ABB robot deposits the box where the customer can reach it easily. If the shoe doesn’t fit, the robot will pick it up from the drawer and return it to its proper shelf.

Berlin shoppers were tickled by the use of the ABB robot in this unconventional environment.

The new white look of the ABB robot also fitted the shop’s design theme which is clean, sheik feeling of the company with multiple layers of white for fashion enthusiasts to walk around in awe.

Surely, robots aren’t uncommon in the shoe industry. They have long been used for tasks like applying adhesives. ABB robots are already working on production lines where they make specialty shoes including for cycling.

This move by Berlin’s Solebox store – putting the ABB robot out in the open, for consumers to see and interact with – isn’t the first time somebody saw robots as an effective marketing tool.

It is exciting to see the next “outside the box” application of what clearly is a multi-functional technology.

Source: ABB Conversation