ABB’s Dual-arm concept robot

“ROSSETA” RObot control for Skilled ExecuTion of Tasks in natural interaction with humans; based on Autonomy, cumulative knowledge and learning


ABB’s dual-arm concept robot is part of a research program aimed to evaluating new robotic solutions for modern manufacturing concepts (FP7 Rosetta).

The ROSETTA project develops “human-centric” technology for industrial robots that will not only appear more human-like, but also cooperate with workers in ways that are safe and perceived as natural. Such robots will be programmed in an intuitive and efficient manner, making it easier to adapt them to new tasks when a production line is changed to manufacture a new product.

The project aims at supporting industry through developing technologies that make it easier to utilise and integrate industrial robots into otherwise manual assembly lines. Today’s market place is characterized by products that come in many variants and have short lifetimes. This calls for flexible manufacturing systems that allows for frequent product changes. Industrial robot automation is the automation method of choice to meet with those demands, however, the application requires the ability to adapt even more quickly to new tasks. Further, it is desirable to integrate the robots with humans in the assembly lines in order to achieve highest possible level of flexibility while utilizing the individual strengths of both human worker and the robot.

To meet the agile production scenarios frequently found in the consumer electronics industry and increasingly in other market sectors, the proposed concept includes a flexible gripper, camera-based part location plus all the features that are well known from ABB’s state-of-the-art robot controller, the IRC5. In addition, the robot is compact and intended to fit into spaces ergonomically designed for human workers. This allows the robot to be easily interchanged with a human co-worker when the production order is changed or a new layout is required.

The robot prototypes come as portable dual-arm units with a controller that is integrated into the torso. They can be carried around easily and mounted into work stations with minimum installation requirements. Due to the intrinsic safety of the proposed robot solution, the requirements for performing a safety assessment of the installation are minimised. Normally, no safeguarding or enclosing of any kind is required, which allows for very fast installation, commissioning and relocation.

Key Technology

  • Harmless robotic co-worker for industrial assembly
  • Human-like arms and body with integrated IRC5 controller
  • Complements human labour with scalable automation
  • Padded dual arms ensure safe productivity and flexibility
  • Lightweight and easy to mount for fast deployment
  • Agile motion based on industry-leading ABB robot technology

As a result of the positive reaction to this initial effort, ABB is now engaged in the further development of this concept.


Source: ABB Robotics