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Masters in palletising, conveying and warehouse automation

Scott's material handling & logistics brand, Alvey, specialises in tailor-made industrial automation projects generally focussed on the ends of manufacturing lines. Our systems help increase production line efficiencies, where the handling of secondary packaging, semi-finished or finished products is involved. Our strength lies in solutions where multiple lines and multiple, often mixed products are sorted, consolidated, palletised and delivered into the warehouse.

We are experts in automatic palletising systems for all kinds and sizes of products. Installations can involve multi-line or single-line layer palletisers and combinations of these. Utilising either conventional or robot units, flexibility can be achieved even at high capacities. For each sector, we develop a solution that meets the most stringent requirements. Our challenge is to find solutions that are as simple as possible for sometimes extremely complex environments.

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Our wide portfolio of industrial services and systems includes conventional layer and robot palletisers, pallet conveyors, case conveyors, order preparation systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and other material handling equipment, complemented with our software package Maestro+.

Expert knowledge and skills of our team enable us to meet very demanding challenges.

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Case Studies

Hybrid Palletising System for Cases of Butter

Palletising system featuring conventional and robot palletisers installed by Scott at Müller UK.


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