Case Studies

Palletising frozen bakery Gourmand 15

Fully Automatic Multi-Line Palletising System for Frozen Bakery Products

Scott designed and built a fully automatic palletising system for a renowned viennoiserie & danish pastry producer in Flanders, Belgium.

Palletisation dairy FrieslandCampina 01

High capacity palletising system for shrink wrapped trays

This palletiser was installed in a leading dairy producer factory in Belgium. It´s palletising up to 36 000 bottles per hour. The bottles are packed in shrink wrapped trays.

Palletising hybrid Muller UK 11

Hybrid Palletising System for Cases of Butter

Palletising system featuring conventional and robot palletisers installed by Scott at Müller UK.

Order picking Santens 01

Automated Order Picking System for Boxes and Plastic Crates

Scott was asked to automate the distribution activity for Santens Metaalwaren's new distribution center in Merelbeke, Belgium. 

Palletising potatoes Pomuni 8

Automatic Multi-line Palletising System for Frozen Potato Products

Scott built this famous multi-line palletising solution for Pomuni, an important Belgian potato supplier. One central system is palletising the entire outgoing flow of boxes.

Palletisation multiline LWM3

Multi-Line Palletising System for Cases of Potato Products

Two high capacity Scott palletisers are palletising the flow coming from out of 16 production lines. Loaded pallets are evacuated to a fully automatic truck loading system.

Palletisation multiline A ware 2

Multi-Line Palletising System for Packs of Cheese

One high throughput palletiser handling carton cases and plastic crates from 14 production lines.

Palletising crates Morrisons 5

Automatic Palletising System for Returnable Baskets

Morrisons Produce Ltd is part of Morrisons Supermarkets, one of the four largest chains in the UK. Scott designed and built a fully automatic palletising system for returnable baskets containing fruits and vegetables. 


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