Pallet Dispensers

Pallet Dispensers are used to feed individual pallets onto the conveyor underneath. The dispensers may also be used for pallet accumulation. Scott Pallet Dispensers are available in various designs to suit individual customers applications.


Pallet dispensers pick pallets from conveyors and add them to the pallet stack and vice versa. The dispenser is able to accumulate up to 15 pallets in one stack but in the case more buffer capacity is needed, the stacks can be deposited to the conveyor in front of the stacker.

The dispenser is designed to be placed independently upon either roller or chain conveyor lines, minimising the space required for installation. The variability of the dispenser is top-ranking in the market as it is able to handle all pallet sizes between 1200x1000mm to 800x600mm. This is achieved by flexible setting of the gripping width. The dispenser can be programmed to accommodate for a different pallet type automatically.

The pallet dispenser is not CE safe by itself and therefore requires additional fencing. Scott can install standard fencing and light curtains around the stacker in order to comply with CE.


Pallet Dispenser Hero

Technical specification

Maximum capacity:

15 pallets


140 pallets/ hr

Maximal stack weight:

450 kg

Lowest finger position:

pallet height at 400mm

Highest finger position:


Lifting speed:


Lifting mechanism:

two 60mm wide flat lifting belts

Frame construction:

Welded using 6 mm thick steel plates

Surface treatment:

Hot dip galvanized

Detection of belt tensioning:



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