Pallet Turntables

A turning conveyor device intended for changing the direction of pallet transport (usually by 90°) offered in various designs to suit individual applications.


The turntable design is based on roller conveyor modules, consisting of a turntable with the frame of a 1522mm long roller conveyor mounted on top. This allows for maximum modularity in the conveying line design. Non-driven rollers are placed at both ends of the conveying line, allowing for the smooth transfer between the turntable and connecting conveyors.

The rotary section is mounted upon the stationary section and the two are connecting by a ball-turn bearing. The turning itself is driven by an electric motor atop of the conveyor for easy access.


Turntable 3d


Additional elements - safety covers

Safety covers make turntables CE safe, eliminating the requirement of fencing. These are mounted on the static part of the conveyor. Close alignment with the rotary section ensures there are no risks of injury.

Technical Specification

Roller type:

Interroll, ∅ 88,9 x 2,9 - 5/8" - B15

Roller step:

127 mm


Roll-to-roll Chain loops S 5/8"

Conveying width (mm):

1.100 (1.300 optional)

Overall diameter: 

2.028 mm (for standard width)

Minimum TOR (top of roll):

450 mm

Maximum TOR (top of roll):

700 mm

Rotation angle:

up to 360°


Hot dip galvanized – 5mm thick plate

Rotation motor:

placed above conveyor level for easy access.

Maximal load:

1.500 kg


SEW gear motor – transmission to rollers with chain loop over 2 rollers and motor.
Externity rollers are non-driven.

Standard conveying speed:

13 m/min (full pallets)
20 m/min (empty pallets)


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