Anyone for a drink?

It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve finally made it through the long week. What better way to celebrate it than to enjoy a nice ice, cold drink served by the world’s biggest, baddest bartending robot?

This incredibly cool system, Makr Shakr, has been designed at MIT’s Senseable City Lab and produced and implemented by Carlo Ratti Associati in Italy.
What do you need to get served? Just a simple app! Users can download an app on their mobile device or use the pre-loaded tablet at the club. You can create your own drinks – roughly two dozen spirits and liqueurs and over a hundred non-alcoholic mixers to choose from. A few taps & clicks and the most high tech bartenders will be serving your drink shortly.
What will really catch your attention is that the robotic system are the ones you usually see in the manufacturing sector or paint factories. These waterproof Kuka KR 16 robots are equipped with cocktail shakers and glasses. The whole process is incredibly sophisticated and interesting to watch.