MAR Comply with Strict Safety Standards and Increase OH&S with Robotics


Occupational health and safety is a serious concern. At Scott Automation & Robotics we understand your need for the strictest safety compliance standards. We are market leaders in the design and implementation of industrial safety control systems and machine safeguarding.

Addressing your specific safety issues SCOTT provides:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments
  • A recommended solution, fully compliant with Australian Standards
  • A turnkey solution
  • Full installation, testing and commissioning

In addition, SCOTT is a fully accredited integrator for world-leading safety suppliers including Pilz, SICK and Omron.


Robotics and automation increase safety for staff

Automation and robotic solutions often remove operators from tasks that are potentially hazardous due to either necessary task conditions or repetitive strain. Robotic solutions for repetitive tasks not only increase production rates, but increase safety for operators; improving conditions by allowing them to manage processes rather than complete straining or dangerous tasks.