Sensing Systems

Vision Sensing SolutionSensing systems are used to maintain quality control by confirming the product is within acceptable tolerances of pre-programmed parameters.  Products that do not pass QA (Quality Analysis) checks simply pass by the inspection area and are directed down a reject chute, to a bulk or waste bin.

2D, 3D and laser sensing systems are also utilised in high-speed picking systems.  The sensing system can locate product position to within a fraction of a milliletre and calculate orientation to guide the robot to the picking position.


Increased product processing speed

Sensing systems identify key components of product in a fraction of a second, allowing a dramatic increase in product processing speed

Reduction in cost associated with maintaining quality

Sensing systems have near-perfect accuracy in identifying and rejecting imperfect product, ensuring consistent product quality

Easy to use

Easy to use software allows simple step-by-step set up of your vision applications, with touch-screen interface panels that allow viewing of up to 9 systems at one time.

Case Studies

Series 1 – “Ask the Expert” – 3D Vision Technology

An overview on 3D Vision by Machinery Automation and Robotics’ own expert Roland Painter. This episode provides an overview of what exactly 3D vision is, why and when it is used, various acquisition options, profiling methods and much more. Roland’s clear experience on the vision subject matter combined with his lighthearted and approachable manner make 

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