Conveyor Automation

Manufacturing processes depend on the efficiency of conveyors, for product transfer and out-put levels and overall manufacturing productivity.

Reliable and easy to operate conveying systems allow smooth processing and prevent bottlenecks. Scott Automation & Robotics offers a wide range of turn-key conveying solutions for integration into your manufacturing facility, customized to meet your unique requirements.

We provide conveying systems for accumulation, mass flow, heavy products, clean room applications, pallets, raw materials, carton sortation & diverting and stacking & reclaiming applications, which can also be integrated as part of a plant automation or robotic solution.

Case Studies

Innovative Conveyor Maintenance: Using automation to increase conveyor uptime, eliminate health and safety risks

There is no questioning the crucial nature of conveyor operation within the mining business or the detrimental impact of down time. It is a known fact that continuous operation of such equipment inevitably leads to wear and the requirement to service or replace. The question is how can conveyor uptime be increased, optimum value from 

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