Robotic Metal Fabrication and Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding Solution

Robotic welding automation technology uses robots to improve weld consistency, quality, speed and a reduction in errors. Welding robots includes processes such as Arc welding, MIG welding, MAG Welding, TIG welding, Laser welding and Spot welding.

All these can be easily incorporated into a robotic welding solution providing you with flexibility, and significant gains in productivity while reducing operational costs.

With 29 years robotic and automation experience, Scott Automation & Robotics have  the experience to offer a cutting edge easy-to-operate turn-key solution for metal fabrication.

Operating in areas as diverse as robotic welding, cutting, forming, joining, surface treatment, inspection and materials handling, we offer flexible and unique tailor-made solutions for the metal fabrication industry.

From design and manufacture, project management through to implementation and ongoing 24/7 servicing, we have the capability to provide full support to you and your business throughout the entire process.

So what benefits can a Robotic Welding solution offer?


  • Productivity – Increased welding productivity and manufacturing flexibility
  • ROI – Measurable return on investment
  • Production – Reduction in plant stoppages
  • Costs – Reduction in operating and capital costs
  • Labour – Address skilled labour shortages and reduce training costs
  • Consistency – Ensure consistent & repetitive welds, reduce over burning
  • Dimensioning – Regulated weld dimensioning
  • Adaptability – Quick changes between parts
  • Distortion – Minimise post weld distortion
  • Consumables - Reduce weld wire consumption through smaller and consistent sized welds
  • Gas - Reduce gas consumption with faster travel speeds
  • Employees – Improved quality of work
  • Safety- Improvements in OH&S issues


For more information on how a robotic welding solution could benefit your manufacturing facility contact one of our solution engineers today


Case Studies

Robotic Welders at Drake Trailers achieve 64% reduction in cycle time

The Robotic Welding System at Drake Trailers is now an integral part of their workforce and has provided many safety and productivity benefits to the manufacturing of their heavy equipment trailers. Drake Trailers, an Australian owned company, specialises in the design and manufacturer of low loaders, mine site transporters and steerable platform trailers, including all 

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Dual Welding Cell Provides a Tenfold Increase in Production for Laser & Press

Laser and Press’ products are typical of many Australian businesses. Despite challenging market conditions, a strong Australian dollar and overseas competition, they are able to still continue to deliver a competitive first class product to the Australian market. The company employs more than 50 staff and has been in business for nearly 50 years, with 

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ReadyArc Robotic Welding Cell Range

Scott Automation + Robotics have a range of ReadyArc welding cells to suit various industry applications. The ReadyArc range includes the ReadyArc Compact (Single Station), ReadyArc Flex (Dual Station Inline) and the ReadyArc Pro (Dual Station V-Cell) which is suitable for larger workpieces. The welding cells are portable and engineered to suit any plant as 

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