Robotic Palletising Solutions

With the introduction of new robot system technologies, the face of manufacturing is continually undergoing major changes. One area in particular where measurable savings are being seen is in the area of automated palletising solutions which have the ability to handle products of all shapes, sizes and weights.

This change in direction has been due to several factors. One of the main ones is due to the innovative designs that make up a new range of robot manipulators that enable such varying functions to be carried out.

In the last few years the flexibility, speed, payloads and reach of the robots has increased while the range of functionality a gripper now has allows a single robot to service varying size and shape product over multiple lines simultaneously if required.

Robot Palletiser at Jamestrong delivers significant increase in productivity

Benefits of a Robotic Palletiser

  • Reduced OH&S
  • Increased output
  • 24 hour by 7 day operation
  • Automated monitoring of operations
  • Safer working environment
  • Less damage due to smoother bag handling
  • Flexibility to handle a large range of products
  • Adaptable to new products
  • Reliability – Mean Time Between Failure on any robot component 60,000 hours
  • Measurable ROI within 2 years

Robotic  palletisers  offer a more  flexible and  reliable  solution  for palletising products and can cater for single or multi-line infeeds. Low maintenance costs also provide you with a fast return on investment (ROI).

Whether you are looking for a solution to palletise or stack bags, boxes, cartons, or bottles Scott Automation & Robotics has a solution for you.

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Case Studies

Jamestrong Packaging implements a Robotic Palletising solution for its new production facility at Kyabram

In the heart of Victoria’s food belt, Jamestrong-Kyabram has been in the industry for over 25 years supplying cans for the food and nutritional manufacturing industries. Being the largest supplier of infant formula and nutritional powder packaging in Australia, Jamestrong-Kyabram’s overall capacity sits at 500 million cans per annum. Innovation leads to increased production Due 

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Robotic Palletising Solution delivers results for VIP Packaging

  Palletising in any manufacturing plant presents many operational challenges: from production efficiencies to safety considerations. This is particularly applicable to a company like VIP Packaging, a leading plastic and steel packaging company in Australia and New Zealand, which manufactures packaging solutions for the food and beverage, personal care, household consumer and industrial chemical industries. Among its products, 

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Automatic Plastic Bottle Palletising and Pallet Handling System

Robotic Palletising and Pallet Handling System wins ‘Manufacturing project of the Year” at the PACE Zenith Awards Placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems manageable enough. However, when you need to meet the most rigorous demands in terms of speed, care of handling, pallet patterns, stability, precision and cycle time, 

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Robotic palletising system delivers production benefits for Australian manufacturer.

Incorporating a robotic palletising system into its new production line ensures that occupational health and safety issues are never a problem. As a world-class company with a history of strong growth and a string of leading brands behind it this leading Australian manufacturer was clear on three points when it came to the automation of 

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