Centralised Robotic Palletising

Palletising in most manufacturing plants presents operational challenges; from specific packaging requirements,  production efficiencies through to safety considerations.

With the market trend for more shelf ready packaging (SRP), businesses are looking towards centralised robotic palletisers as a flexible approach to address fluctuating production requirements, control input costs and increase quality of packaged product.

A centralised palletising solution can be customised to your match requirements, catering for any quantity of inbound products of varying shapes and sizes from single line to multi-line in-feed conveyors. Products conveyed into one consolidated production area can contain single or multiple robots depending on the outcomes that need to be achieved. The centralised design means you’re able to minimise the floor area required, ensure simplified machine safety and optimise pallet movements through to the warehouse.

A centralised design is also able to flow onto a further processing area such as strapping, stretch wrapping, SSCC labelling and  incorporate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) for fully automatic handling of product.

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The benefits of automating your palletising requirements;

  • OH&S – Address OH&S Risks
  • Injuries – Reduce staff injuries due to repetitive strain
  • Labour – Reduce labour costs
  • Speed – Increase Speed of operation
  • Production – Provide and increase in production
  • Flexibility – Ability to provide flexibility of products
  • Quality – Consistency and quality of pallets
  • Customer Satisfaction – Reduce rejection levels from customers
  • ROI – Provide a measurable return on investment (ROI)

Robotic palletisers also offer diversity with the ability to handle various sizes, shapes and weights and the flexibility to palletise different product types such as Boxes, Bags, Cartons, Plastic Bottles etc.

Scott Automation & Robotics are leaders in the area of custom engineered centralised Automatic Robotic Palletising Solutions which are specifically designed suit your requirements.  In addition to the design and implementation of your solution we also offer 24/7 support through our office in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne providing your site and operations with certainty and reliability through breakdown support and regular scheduled preventative maintenance programs.

Contact one of our Solution Engineers today and find out how a Centralised Automatic Robotic Palletising solution can benefit your business.

Case Studies

Jamestrong Packaging implements a Robotic Palletising solution for its new production facility at Kyabram

In the heart of Victoria’s food belt, Jamestrong-Kyabram has been in the industry for over 25 years supplying cans for the food and nutritional manufacturing industries. Being the largest supplier of infant formula and nutritional powder packaging in Australia, Jamestrong-Kyabram’s overall capacity sits at 500 million cans per annum. Innovation leads to increased production Due 

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Robotic Palletising Solution delivers results for VIP Packaging

  Palletising in any manufacturing plant presents many operational challenges: from production efficiencies to safety considerations. This is particularly applicable to a company like VIP Packaging, a leading plastic and steel packaging company in Australia and New Zealand, which manufactures packaging solutions for the food and beverage, personal care, household consumer and industrial chemical industries. Among its products, 

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Automatic Plastic Bottle Palletising and Pallet Handling System

Robotic Palletising and Pallet Handling System wins ‘Manufacturing project of the Year” at the PACE Zenith Awards Placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems manageable enough. However, when you need to meet the most rigorous demands in terms of speed, care of handling, pallet patterns, stability, precision and cycle time, 

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SCOTT delivers innovative Palletising System

A WORLD-CLASS Australian manufacturer with a string of leading brands behind it was clear on three points when it came to the automation of its new production line at its manufacturing facility in Sydney: eliminate occupational health and safety issues; reduce labour costs; and increase production capacity. Integral to the automation of the production line 

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