High-speed pickers on your production line provide flexible production and increased productivity. Integrated with a camera based inspection system, high-speed pickers offer a unique combination of affordability, performance and flexibility.

Scott Automation & Robotics have worked with market leaders wanting to take advantage of high-speed picking machines for production lines, saving them valuable time and money.



Increased Production Rates

High-speed pick and place robots meet the speed manufacturing lines can deliver, with some operating at more than 120 pieces per minute per picking robot


Decrease Costs

Can more than halve the picking costs compared with earlier solutions, based on the single pick-and-place principle


Increased Flexibility

Picking robots and systems can now have a payback time as low as one year


Customise to meet your unique requirements

High-speed picking robots can suit payloads up to 40kg, are available as stainless steel wash-down models for hygenic applications and can have a reach as far as 1500mm.