Award Winner – The PACE Zenith Mining Minerals Process & Control Award for ROBOFUEL

Scott Automation & Robotics are proud to be awarded the winner of the PACE Zenith Mining Minerals Process & Control Award 2016, for our automated refuel system, ROBOFUEL.Winner PACE Zenith Mining Minerals Process & Control Award 2016

ROBOFUEL™ is an automation and control solution, combined with the latest vision and sensing technologies providing refuelling of mine trucks accurately, safely and autonomously.

The ROBOFUEL™ process uses a robotic arm to refuel mining equipment to increase productive hours and efficiency of trucks, with a projected business case that demonstrates a short payback period and deployment models that can be supported by either capital or operational initiatives.

Typically, refuel facilities are manned by at least one person at all times and trucks can spend up to one hour per day travelling to refuel. As there is no manning required for an automated solution, refuelling stations me be optimally located “on-circuit” or even “in-pit” so fleet productivity can be significantly enhanced.

ROBOFUEL™ is fully portable and is able to be shifted throughout mine developments allowing for the innovative technology to be placed where it is exactly needed, thus constantly working with the site.

The Scott Automation & Robotics ROBOFUEL™ system uses a state-of-the-art vision sensing and detection system which allows the robot to locate the position and orientation of the truck’s fuel tank. This information is used to couple the fuel nozzle with the tank. Fuel spillages are minimised through controlled coupling, pumping and monitoring.

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