Bladestop Bandsaw Technology

Reduce the risk of serious injuries caused by meat band saws, stop bandsaw blades within a fraction of a second with Bladestop!

BladeStop™ is available worldwide and is uniquely designed to reduce risks of serious injury by mechanically stopping the bandsaw blade when the unit senses that a person has come in contact with the blade.

Features of the Latest Bladestop 400 Series II


  • Faster Stopping Time (Industry leading stopping timeBlade stops within 0.009 seconds)
  • Fast Restart Capability
  • No Bending of the Blade
  • No Changing of the Blade Required

Note: Upgrade Kits are available for BladeStop Series I Bandsaws.

Bladestop 400 Series II is available in two sensing methods.

  1. Upon sensing contact with the operator, the blade stops operating within 0.009 seconds. This can be a huge difference between having just a small skin cut or an amputated finger.
  2. The sensing system detects operator gloves moving at high speed in a zone directly upstream from the saw blade and triggers the BladeStop™ mechanism to stop the meat band saw blade.


With hundreds of installations worldwide Bladestop is fast becoming the industrial meat band saw of choice for workers in the Meat Processing Industry.

See Bladestop in action!

BladeStop uses the highest quality equipment ensuring this innovative technology not only protects your workers but is also robust and reliable.

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Risks of Bandsaws

One of the major risks workers in the red meat industry face is injuries caused by the cutting of meat with bandsaws.  These injuries can range from minor cuts to loss of limbs, impacting on:

  • the individual worker, their family and the wider community
  • employee moral
  • productivity
  • insurance premiums


 Benefits of a Bladestop band saw


  • Safety – Increase band saw operator’s safety; reduce horrific injuries
  • Worker Morale – Improve personnel morale; happy and motivated workers
  • Company image – Improve company’s image as an attractive workplace
  • Production – Reduce production time lost due to injuries
  • Workers Compensation – Greatly reduce worker’s compensation cost
  • Insurance – Reduce insurance premiums
  • Uptime – Increase processing uptime
  • Staffing – Reduce operator turnover and training costs
  • OH&S – Promote positive OH&S related to band saw operation
  • Spoilage – Reduce product spoilage


BladeStop is available worldwide through our offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,  South America, Germany and in other regions through our distributor network.  Contact us today for a quote.

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Available Worldwide

Case Studies

BladeStop Series II Bandsaw has arrived

The Next Generation in Bandsaw Safety for the Meat Industry BladeStop Series II bandsaw  further enhances the already ground-breaking design and functionality of the current system. With a faster stopping time, quick restart capability and no blade change required, BladeStop Series II is the ultimate for reducing bandsaw risk. BladeStop is available worldwide through our offices in 

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BladeStop™ – Improving Bandsaw Safety for Industry Leading Meat Company

Woolworths Meat Company’s meat processing facility is the centre of excellence for meat production plants across the country. The facility opened in September 2015, shifting the focus on what meat plants have been, to what they should be, clean, safe and highly efficient. Located in Victoria’s “food belt”, and being one of the largest case ready 

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Smithfield Foods Case Study: BladeStop™ Technology

For years, Smithfield has been working to minimise as many risks as possible to our meat processing workers, mainly through the introduction of belt-fed or robotic saws. While we have been able to automate much of our operations, there are still some processes that require a human touch. Because hogs vary in shape and size, 

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Differences between BladeStop and Glovecheck

  Looking for ways to reduce your Bandsaw Injuries? With the introduction of a BladeStop bandsaw injuries can be reduced resulting in many direct and indirect benefits including reduced injuries and compensation claims. See our BladeStop Technologies in Action     Bandsaws are a major contributor to serious injuries (including amputations) to meat industry workers. Slight 

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Bladestop Bandsaw Brochure

For more detailed information on the Bladestop Bandsaw Technology download our brochure.

Bladestop Safety Technology reduces Bandsaw Risks to Abbatoir Workers

Safety technology is providing improved safety for employees in the Australian meat processing sector, while reducing lost production time and compensation claims from injuries. Southern Meats, based at Goulburn in southern New South Wales have invested in several BladeStop™ bandsaws. Southern Meats OH&S Manager Claire Graham said four major incidents in five years involving traditional bandsaws 

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Best Practices and Safety resources for Meat Bandsaws

Meat bandsaws are commonly used in the meat industry for portioning meat and other products. Meatsaws have been associated with a number of serious incidents and injuries to both experienced and inexperienced operators. Adopting Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) best practices and managing the risks associated with bandsaw injuries can provide a number of direct and 

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Bladestop 2015 PACE Zenith Award Finalist

  MAR are proud to announce it’s Bladestop technology for meat band saws was a finalist in three categories for the 2015 PACE Zenith Awards.   Australia’s process control and automation sector is highly dynamic with many unsung companies making valuable contributions to the country’s industrial development through innovative engineering solutions. Now in its 12th year, 

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Strong uptake for BladeStop bandsaw safety technology

There’s been strong uptake of the new BladeStop bandsaw safety technology since it was officially launched in late-January, before an audience of representatives from about 20 large processing companies. Safety-wise, bandsaws have long been regarded as one of the highest-risk pieces of equipment on the fabrication floor or in the wholesale or retail butchery environment. 

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