Bladestop 2015 PACE Zenith Award Finalist


MAR are proud to announce it’s Bladestop technology for meat band saws was a finalist in three categories for the 2015 PACE Zenith Awards.


Australia’s process control and automation sector is highly dynamic with many unsung companies making valuable contributions to the country’s industrial development through innovative engineering solutions. Now in its 12th year, the PACE Awards celebrate and recognise the achievements of Australian engineers and inspire further innovation and success.10733782_838599396216422_8720315866100951891_o

BladeStop™ is available worldwide and is uniquely designed to reduce risks of serious injury by mechanically stopping the bandsaw blade when the unit sense that a person has come in contact with the blade. Upon sensing contact with the operator, the blade stops operating within 15 milliseconds. This can be a huge difference between  having just a small skin cut or an amputated finger.

BladeStop™ was nominated for three awards at the 2015 Pace Zenith Awards, coming away as finalists in each category which is a marvellous achievement. The three categories were:

- Machine Builder
- Manufacturing
- Food & Beverage

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