BladeStop™ – Reduce the risk of serious injury, stop bandsaw blades within a fraction of a second

Bandsaws are used extensively  in the meat industry from large meat processing plants through to butchers shops and supermarkets.  Whilst bandsaws are an essential tool in the industry, they also pose a high risk to the health and safety of your employees and are a major contributor to serious injuries, including serious cuts, lacerations and amputations.

According to Meat & Livestock Australia there are approximately 1000 bandsaws in use in Australian meat works and butcher shops and evidence suggests 6 to 10 serious accidents occur per year.  Scott Automation and Robotics’ innovative BladeStop™ system is designed to act fast enough to avoid major accidents related to bandsaw operators and reduce the frequency of serious cuts and amputations. Along with providing obvious benefits with your employees BladeStop™ will also dramatically improve the overall sustainability of the meat processing industry.

BladeStop™ provides simple and safe operation that mechanically stops the blade when the control unit determines a person has come in contact.

Benefits of the Bladestop Bandsaw include:

  • Increased processing uptime
  • reduced risk of serious injury
  • Improved personnel morale
  • Is simple to operate

BladeStop™ was developed by Scott Automation and Robotics in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia for commercial bandsaws to reduce the risk of injury whilst being robust enough to cope with the harsh environment in meat processing plants.

For more information on the BladeStop Bandsaw contact one of our Solution Engineers to discuss your requirements: