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Wesley Van Cauwenberghe

Field Engineer - Belgium

I have been working for the company for 20 years now. I started working for Alvey (now Scott), right after my studies. I was particularly impressed by the technical aspect of the job.

I have a lot of variation in my position due to the type of machines we work with and install. My job brings me to different companies in different countries which I find very interesting.

I am responsible for the electrical connections of the installations on site and I am also responsible for managing the junior field engineers and the sub-contractors with whom we work.

I really enjoy working for Scott because of the great colleagues I work with and the great projects that we create. Management and colleagues are willing to listen when we propose improvements or changes, which makes me feel appreciated.

Lennart Johansson

Technology Manager - USA

I joined Transbotics in 2001 to develop Software and Controls. One of the first projects was to create a very interesting palletising solution for the beverage industry. That development ultimately resulted in our TMO product that we use today. It is used for integrating AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) with our customer’s controls and production environments.

During my years at Transbotics I have had several roles and been involved in a significant number of projects. Still after all these years, it still very fun and satisfying to see our vehicles autonomously perform their duties, knowing all the effort that goes in to it. Not just from a software and controls point of view, but also considering all the mechanical and electrical components behind the scene.

Since Transbotics became part of SCOTT (mid 2018), there is more need than ever for a higher-level integration between the AGVs we deliver, and the sophisticated software applications that our customers use.  IIoT and Industry 4.0 will just increase the need in the future. Therefor I am now building a new team of software developers in Charlotte to handle the demands of the future. The team is also involved in a joint development of a new product with other divisions in the SCOTT family across multiple continents. This is very exciting and I’m looking forward to an interesting future with the AGV division as part of the Scott family.

Jörg Pfleiderer

Sales Engineer Appliances - Germany

I joined SCOTT in March 2017 and have worked in sales since then.

In my role as Sales Engineer, I am responsible for the development of concepts that are tailored to customer requirements. This requires close cooperation with my own team and with customers in order to shed light on all aspects of a solution.

What I really like about working at SCOTT is that we are a company that constantly strives to simplify processes or integrate new technological solutions to provide the customer with added value. Constant evolution makes my working life very varied and exciting.

I am proud to be part of a global company that can deliver immense benefits to the customer. Within the company itself, we set ourselves new challenges all the time. By communicating with colleagues in all our various locations, I learn a great deal about their cultures and ways of life.

The thing I find fascinating about working at SCOTT is the opportunity to work with other industries (e.g. robot integration, meat processing, mining or logistics) as our product portfolio is so diversified.

Here I have the chance to face new challenges all of the time and to grow as a result of them with the constant support of a great team.

Craig Pentecost

Senior Project Manager - Australia

“When you are programming a robot, you have to think of the guy on the floor in the middle of the night trying to work out what you have done. Don’t over complicate it.”

Craig has a long and colourful history with Scott, starting as a bright eyed engineering graduate he’s had many roles in his time here. Craig has been a robot programmer, service engineer, sales representative, health & safety coordinator, operator, electrical designer, mechanical installer and a senior project manager.

He loves the real world nature and immediacy of the job, “If you do something wrong when programming a robot you see it crash straight away. When something works it’s great. I still love going to a new factory and seeing how other people have done things.” Being able to see the results of your work first hand has been a key driver for Craig since he started – and he says he still likes walking through the supermarket seeing products that he’s been involved with in putting on the shelf. In fact, after his very first project, he was even able to attend the Ford motor show and point out to his brother a paint mark he’d put on the cylinder head of a Falcon when it passed a leak test.  

Another project that Craig remembers fondly is working for Tip Top in Adelaide with the owner of the company at the time. “We’d been on site all day and had missed dinner.  The owner grabbed a six-pack of KFC dinner rolls off the line and we split them three each for dinner. They were fresh and delicious.” As it turns out sometimes, the benefits of working in this industry are the simple things and the good people you have the fortune of working with.

The nature of his job as a senior project manager means it can be stressful but by his own admission, he has always loved this job. He is passionate about what we do here at Scott and the people he works with. This comes across when he talks to people – both staff and customers alike. Being a fantastic communicator, and being able to talk with so many different people across all walks of life is one of Craig’s favourite things about getting up for work in the morning. This ability to get along well with most people, building a relationship with them, is one of the many reasons he is such a great asset to the Scott team. 

Ashley Czapla

Project Manager - USA

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade doing Project Management globally in the Automotive Industry. So, when the time came to make a change, I was looking for a company whose values aligned with my own. I found this alignment with SCOTT.

I recently moved from Detroit, MI to Charlotte, NC to take on the role as Project Manager with Transbotics. At Transbotics, we design and build Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Solutions for customers across multiple industries. As a Project Manager, you are interacting with multiple levels of an organization both internally and externally, proactively managing project deliverables, and delivering a product that meets or exceeds expectations.

It’s very rewarding being a part of a global company with integrity, proven growth, and the right attitude for continued success. I’m happy to be a part of a team that allows me to have a voice, values my experience, and allows me to be successful in my role.

Luke Wileman

Service Engineer - Australia

When I joined Scott I was looking to be involved in a progressive industry that was making positive change, a company that has advancing technology across a wide range of industrial applications. I have been with SCOTT Australia since April 2017.

In my role I am responsible in delivering and exceeding customer expectations, in limited down time and process optimisation. I enjoy the diversity of work, the challenge of the service industry and the people I work with.

In this role the person needs to be someone who is versatile and open to new challenges and has technical competencies in a range of areas.

What I like most about working with SCOTT Australia is the friendly, understanding and flexible culture. I am part of a company that is seeking ways to improve in all aspects and I work with people who listen to new ideas.

Hana Zechmeisterova

Quality Manager - Czech Republic

I have been working at Scott since 2011, and started as a Purchase Manager. Due to my communication skills, i was able to deal with many of our interested parties and was given the challenge of communicating and negotiating with key suppliers.

Later the opportunity arose to communicate internally throughout all of our locations within the group (Europe) as a QA Manager, and with cooperation with management we could improve our organisation by setting targets.

I enjoy the positive feedback when a new improvement in process is implemented which helps make peoples work easier and more efficient. It is a major challenge to ensure that all our European sites operate in the same way through procedures.

Working at Scott is interesting because of the ability to co-operate with people from other sites, which improves my skills in different areas.

I am responsible for the maintenance of the Quality Management System in Europe, the complete Integrated Management System in the Czech Republic and the improvement thereof, and for on-site resolving internal logistical problems with regard to people, material and processes.

Callum McKenzie

Lead Industry 4.0 / IIOT

I have been with Scott for 10 years now. I joined Scott as a vision-systems engineer and have recently progressed to leading our industrial internet-of-things strategy. This role is all about how we connect our machines to each other and to our customers. The work is split between technical leadership, planning and being at the coal-face implementing our plans.

I enjoy the technical leadership and the constantly evolving challenges. Our work involves all sorts of interesting applications and industries. What I am faced with can be quite unusual: what would you do when a cow has kicked a laser off your robot?

The work has taken me to places as diverse as small-town Australia and the Mexican desert. I also get to work with an excellent group of skilled people who will always rise to the challenge.

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