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Azim Datoohboy

Vision Systems Engineer – New Zealand

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at MIT and then did a Masters of Engineering specialising in computer science at AUT. During my training I undertook projects in optics and 3D model reconstruction, this has really helped with my understanding of imaging technology and vision systems.

I have been with Scott for 10 years and I really enjoy the variety of work -no two weeks are the same. I work on different areas from R&D through to designing and implementing hardware and software solutions. Along with my team, I am responsible for the entire lifecycle of a project, this incorporates developing automated vision solutions from proof of concept through to the commissioning and providing ongoing support to our customers.

I enjoy working with Scott as there is a huge variety of technology that I have the opportunity to work with, a variety of computer programming languages, different types of 3D scanners, x-ray systems, industrial robotics etc.

I like the hands-on nature of my role, it gives me the opportunity to work on automation across different fields, such as mining, meat processing and appliances production.

I also really enjoy the culture at Scott - our people are passionate about the work they do.

Jacqueline Dickson

HR - RobotWorx USA

RobotWorx was able to provide me with my first professional position after graduating from The Ohio State University. I started as an Administrative Assistant. With the growth of RobotWorx by the SCOTT acquisition, there was a need for someone to oversee HR functions. Being in HR, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the company both domestically and internationally. I have now been with RobotWorx for about 2 ½ years.

What I like most about my position is the opportunity to make great connections and meet new people throughout the industry. I am responsible for all recruitment and hiring strategies within the United States, policy development and implementation, as well as building and maintaining relationships with local universities and career programs. My favorite part of the job is working with these local universities and businesses to assist in the growth and development plans for RobotWorx and the rest of the SCOTT business.

What initially attracted me to this Company is the ability to travel, room for advancement, and also the ability to work with the global team. Another thing that makes me proud to be in this role is that the management teams are supportive and will challenge and help guide you throughout your career here. Automation and robotics is a heavily growing industry, and it is a great feeling to be a part of the success of the SCOTT business for years to come.

Jeff Satterthwaite

Finance Manager - New Zealand

I have been in my role since 2016, with my main responsibility to provide financial support to the wider business and compile the monthly, half yearly and annual results.

I enjoy working for Scott as it is a global company and I get to work on a variety of projects. It is great to see what the company does globally and to have interaction with people around the world. I have learnt a lot from being exposed to the different ways of doing things globally.

I was recently given the opportunity to go on secondment to Australia for 3 months to lead the Finance and Admin which was great opportunity to gain experience in another area of the company.

I was attracted to working for Scott Technology initially as it is a Dunedin company and the way they have grown and the continued growth and the career opportunities that this growth presents.

Jason Schurmann

Group Procurement Manager - New Zealand

I have been with Scott Technology for 8 years, what I enjoy the most about working here are the people I work with and the diversity I have in my role from working for a company that has multiple sites in multiple countries. My role allows me to have a lot of interaction with people from a lot of different countries which has its own challenges but is very rewarding and varied.

I have had many opportunities to travel in my role within New Zealand, Australia and also to China.

What I like most about Scott is its strength as a company, while I have worked at Scott it has undergone huge growth and acquired a wide variety of companies which has been very exciting to have been part of.

Janelle Wanner

Marketing / SEO RobotWorx USA

I started working at RobotWorx 7 years ago as a SEO specialist, as I was looking for a position that could be flexible with location. Last March, the marketing manager role opened up and I assumed that role, on top of my existing SEO role.

I really enjoy the challenges the SEO and marketing positions face. Markets are constantly changing and evolving, allowing me to continuously grow and learn more on a daily basis. I have a great team to collaborate with at RobotWorx and at the SCOTT group level, which also makes me love my job.

I am responsible for all marketing efforts to expand the brand and reputation of RobotWorx and SCOTT. Whether that is through our involvement in community, investing in robotic education, social media, email campaigns, and professional relationships with vendors, clients, manufacturers and even friendly competitors.
RobotWorx is extremely dependent on our web presence, and as an SEO specialist, I am responsible for making sure our footprint online continues to remain large and at the top of search results. Capitalizing on the right topics to funnel quality leads to make an inquiry through web optimziation.

I take pride in the SCOTT/RobotWorx values. I’m proud to be a part of a global team that strives to see each employee thrive in their position. I enjoy the relationships I have formed with co-workers, it helps keep the work environment healthy and breaks down barriers to allow better communication.

Luke Wileman

Service Engineer - Australia

When I joined Scott I was looking to be involved in a progressive industry that was making positive change, a company that has advancing technology across a wide range of industrial applications. I have been with SCOTT Australia since April 2017.

In my role I am responsible in delivering and exceeding customer expectations, in limited down time and process optimisation. I enjoy the diversity of work, the challenge of the service industry and the people I work with.

In this role the person needs to be someone who is versatile and open to new challenges and has technical competencies in a range of areas.

What I like most about working with SCOTT Australia is the friendly, understanding and flexible culture. I am part of a company that is seeking ways to improve in all aspects and I work with people who listen to new ideas.

Nick Stanford

Solutions Engineer - Australia

I joined SCOTT (Sydney) in 2005. There was a great opportunity to be part of developing automation for meat processing given that there was very little automation in the field at the time. I was quite excited by the concept that SCOTT were pursuing that is to fully automate the lamb boning room.

I like the challenges and opportunities presented by automation in the red meat industry and this keeps my job evolving and interesting. In my role I am responsible for continuing to ensure that SCOTT are the leading automation solution providers for the protein industry through development and commercialisation of innovative and robust solutions that set meat processing customers up for success.

Initially when I joined SCOTT the strategic decision to develop a suite of lamb processing modules that would extend through the lamb boning room was at its conception. We at SCOTT have now achieved automation of all the bone in cuts as part of this vision. This is a huge step forward for lamb processing in both Australia and worldwide.

When recruiting for my role , I believe that SCOTT were looking for (like in every role in the organization) a focus on providing the best outcomes for our customers and ensuring that Scott are front and foremost in the minds of anyone looking for automation solutions in protein manufacture.

Some of the things I like about working at SCOTT is that it is company that paves the way in innovative solutions using cutting edge technology. SCOTT as a company put in the extra miles to ensure that solutions meet client needs.

Claire Hogue

HR Advisor

I have been with Scott since 2017, I was attracted to the role with Scott Technology due to the exciting nature of the work and also the growth phase that Scott Technology is in. The opportunity to work for an international company and the opportunity for career progression were also large attractions.

I am responsible for recruitment, managing employment issues and developing and implementing policies in New Zealand and across the wider group.  I enjoy the chance to interact a lot with different people around the group, there is always a lot of variety. My favourite part of my role is developing relationships with managers and employees across the group.

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