Clyde Campbell presents on Robotic Technology in the Mining and Meat Industries

Clyde Campbell – Scott Automation & Robotics Regional Director for Australia  will be presenting at the  Engineers Australia event on Thursday 24th September for the Southern Highlands & Tablelands Regional Group.


Topic:  The latest in technology within the mining and meat industries.

Scott Automation & Robotics - Robotic-idler-changeout Solution received a highly commended award for innovation in the Mining Industry

MAR’s Robotic Idler replacement system for the mining industry

The mining industry is transitioning from a capital intensive expansion phase to a productivity driven operational improvement future. To stay competitive, the industry is in need of innovations to boost efficiency, safety and overall productivity. Robotic systems that can address major operational issues in the mining industry will be discussed.

In the Meat Industry Australia is leading the way in adopting new innovations with automation and robotics solutions to increase their production, reduce costs and address safety issues. These solutions and benefits will be discussed along with the latest Bladestop bandsaw technology.

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Phone: 0421 062 273