Differences between BladeStop and Glovecheck


Looking for ways to reduce your Bandsaw Injuries?

With the introduction of a BladeStop bandsaw injuries can be reduced resulting in many direct and indirect benefits including reduced injuries and compensation claims.

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Bandsaws are a major contributor to serious injuries (including amputations) to meat industry workers. Slight lapses in concentration can cause loss or partial loss of limbs, resulting in  loss of income in additon to drastic effects on both the injured party and the company.

There are two types of sensing technologies available


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BladeStop detects operator body contact with blade and triggers the Bladestop mechanism in under 15milliseconds


GloveCheck Bandsaw Technology


GloveCheck detects operator gloves moving at high speed in a zone directly upstream from the saw blade and triggers the BladeStop™ mechanism to stop the saw blade.


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     GloveCheck Bandsaw Technology




By combining both BladeStop and GloveCheck the operators glove is detected in front of saw and also contact with the blade. Triggers Bladestop mechanism – Under 15mSec

Testimonial from Southern Meats

Southern Meats OH&S Manager, Claire Graham said four major incidents in five years involving traditional bandsaws resulted in more than 800 hours of lost time, and more than $100,000 in worker compensation claims. This prompted the company to invest in its workers’ safety.

“In one incident, the employee lost partial movement in his thumb, while another required a skin graft,” said Ms Graham.

“In contrast, the only incident on a BladeStop bandsaw resulted in a small cut on the operator’s thumb which was dealt with at our on-site medical centre and the employee was back at work straight away.”

Ms Graham admitted that prior to using BladeStop, it was hard to encourage people to learn how to operate the bandsaw.

“Nobody wants to learn a more dangerous job that can potentially cause amputation of fingers and loss of income – which can lead to added stress for those that have families. Now a lot more staff members are interested in learning the ropes on the new bandsaws,” said Ms Graham.

Bladestop is available worldwide and uses the highest quality equipment ensuring this innovative technology not only improves safety for workers but is also robust and reliable.


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