EIRICH and IBU-tec Weimar: strong partners for granulation tasks

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The production of granular material as part of the build-up agglomeration process is currently very much the trend. In the face of rising energy costs, thermal granulating processes are becoming increasingly uneconomical. In addition,
operators often want the flexibility to be able to produce different target particle sizes or grain size ranges all in a single unit. Then there are also a whole host of applications in which sludges need to be blended with powders to form granulates – especially in the field of recycling. In these cases, production in an EIRICH mixing granulator scores conclusively when it comes to mechanical processes for the production of granulate material. For many prospective customers a key issue at the decision stage is not just being able to examine material which has been produced under laboratory conditions but to be able to work with larger granulating mixers under real conditions. This is where IBU-tec advanced materials AG is just the right expert.

A good number of the requests brought by customers to the EIRICH Test Center in Hardheim in recent years have revolved around granulation tasks. The EIRICH mixer used for granulating comes in sizes from 1 l to 3000 l and has just a single rotor tool – or two on larger machines; there is no need for high-speed, high-wear choppers as used in plowshare mixers. The rotor can – depending on the task – run at speeds of more than 30 m/s. This makes it possible to generate high shear forces and distribute liquids quickly. A hybrid mixing process permits variable speeds during the preparation process, depending on whether dry or moist mixing is required first, followed by granulation afterwards. Varying the tools and speeds can have a considerable influence on the grain spectrum; granules with a d50 value ranging from 100 μm to more than 5 mm are possible, depending on the material. EIRICH mixing granulators are used in a whole host of industries, ranging from A, such as Activated carbon, to Z, such as Zeolite; at the present time, for example, a number of mixing granulators are in production for fertilizer manufacturers. The investment costs are relatively low and the systems require low mainte-nance.

For large-scale tests – and for the thermal treatment of the resultant granulate as well if required – IBU-tec advanced materials AG is the expert. The company has just recently expanded its range of services with the commissioning of a new granulation system featuring an EIRICH R11 mixing granulator in combination with a rotary kiln (1 m x 12 m), resulting in a complete processing line covering everything from the delivery of the raw materials to the screening of fired granules (grain size range of approx. 0.1 to 7 mm). The system can naturally also be used for drying granulating moisture back to press or product moisture. It is completely automated and achieves a throughput rate of up to approx. 1000 kg/h (depending on the material).


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