Ensuring high end automated solutions are available for all production throughput Customers – Standalone Lamb Chine Machine


Fully Automated Systems

Since early 2000 Scott, supported by Meat and Livestock Australia(MLA) and Australian and New Zealand processing companies, have been developing solutions which align to a collective vision of an automated lamb boning room.  These system have been initially designed and configured for 12-24 month payback for companies operating at more than seven carcases per minute (7 cpm).

  • X-ray machines (3 systems in Australia),
  • Primal cutting machine (3 systems in Australia),
  • Middle machine (2 systems in Australia, a third being installed), and
  • Forequarter and hindquarter systems under development (and soon to be installed in Australia).

Leveraging Past Investments and Developments

Scott and MLA are now extracting value from these highly automated and integrated solutions via developing standalone systems that enable the investments to date to be leveraged and adopted by processing companies who operate in the range of 2.5 – 7 cpm.

Future Technology Bullet-proofing

All of these spinoff modules will enable a company (of any size) to introduce Scott lamb processing solution(s) into their business without backing themselves into a corner.  Each standalone piece of equipment is being developed to ensure that at a later date a Customer can add additional hardware to the standalone cell and evolve the standalone cell into a more, or fully, automated solution without any hardware redundancy.

To Scott’s surprise some of our larger throughput customers are looking at utilising the standalone solutions as a good way to introduce to their operations staff, maintenance staff and financial backers, the benefits of fully automated Scott lamb solutions.

Standalone Chine Machine

An independent cost benefit analysis of the integrated middle machine, undertaken by Greenleaf enterprises, has determined that the chinning module in its own right has a $0.85/head benefit based on yield improvement alone.  This equates to a less than two year payback for a single shifting Customer’s site operating at 2.5 cpm.

Subsequent to this economic analysis Scott and MLA have developed a standalone chinning machine which is now being trialed throughout the Australian industry.  Three sites have successfully evaluated the unit with two of these Customers currently in discussion with Scott to purchase a unit, one with added flap removal module incorporated.

Not just Yield improvements, but Operator Safety as well

One location, Southern Meats, captured in the video above, has noticed a yield increase of 2-3% according to Tim Kelleher, Senior Supervisor.   Tim also notes that not only does this solution increase yield it removes operational staff from one of the most dangerous bandsaw cutting tasks in the lamb boning room.  In addition to a better presented product for Southern’s customers, Tim has identified that by not using a bandsaw blade for cutting all meat ‘saw dust’ has been eliminated which is better for microbial and visual shelf life.

Next module(s)

Scott and MLA have recently completed the manufacture and factory trialing of a standalone single tower, manual measure, primal cutting system.  Scott and MLA are currently working with the Australian processing sector to ascertain who will be the first host site.

Scott and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) are currently developing a manual assisted version of the automated hindquarter system noted above.

An update on these technology will follow later this month and following months.