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The humma™ honey CH50 , manufactured by SCOTT® Service, sets a new benchmark for honey and wax separation equipment. Designed for efficient, low cost separation and effortless operation in a compact machine, the humma™ frees up time and saves labour & operation costs - a necessity for honey processing.


The humma™ takes minimal time to start up and shut down and requires negligible operator input. No clean out is necessary after an operation. Wax is recovered in a dry state preferred by wax buyers.

Honey processed through the humma™ shows much lower CFUs (bacterial colony forming units — a measure of viable bacterial or fungal units) compared to capping spinners, inline filtration and wax presses.

Setting A New Benchmark

New Patented Market Leading Technology

  • Easy to use technology means reduced operator hours and low skill staff can operate it
  • Efficient separation delivering clean honey and drier wax
  • Continuous wax removal, eliminating bottlenecks and stoppages
  • No further honey processing required
  • Continuous processing of granulated honey
  • Ultra quiet operation — no more earmuffs
  • Compact design with up to 1 tonne/hr throughput

humma™ Honey CH50 Specifications

General Specifications


Standard RJT fittings - nominal 2" (50mm)

Input Location:

Back of the machine, 960mm from floor to the fitting centre

Input Location:

Back of the machine, 960mm from floor to the fitting centre

Output – Honey:

3" (75mm) tube, for clamp of flexible hose to honey buffer tank. Left or right outfeed option (factory set)

Output Location:

Front (L or R) 580mm from floor to fitting centre

Output – Wax:

Centre outfeed, to a container on the floor under the humma™

Spin Speed:

750–1000rpm (manual variable adjustment)

Electrical Requirements:

Standard 240V Single phase, 10A supply
(We use a high efficiency 3-phase motor in conjunction with the single to 3-phase inverter for power)

Power Lead:

5 metres (power socket to control box)

VFD Shielded Cable:

5 metres (variable frequency drive control box to humma™)

Processing Parameters

Throughput Capacity:

500–1000kg/hr (dependent on honey type and setup)

Honey Infeed Temperature:

30–38C (dependant on honey type. A Beetech heat exchanger is recommended to precisely control the slurry temperature for continous and predictable honey/wax separation)

Machine Size


500mm × 1300mm


1100mm (variable)


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