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Improving Mnaufacturing Quality - Scott Automation & RoboticsAutomating manufacturing and production processes removes the unknown and replaces it with certainty… the certainty that comes with knowing your product will be consistently high quality.


Whether you manufacture for business or consumer, people expect nothing but the highest quality. Many companies implement manual processes to improve or maintain product quality, yet even the most stringent manual processes have one major flaw – human error.

Systems to help improve product quality.

Sensing systems are used to maintain quality control by confirming the product is within acceptable tolerances of pre-programmed parameters. Products that do not pass QA (Quality Analysis) checks simply pass by the inspection area and are directed down a reject chute, to a bulk or waste bin.

Process automation systems give real-time feedback on product as it progresses through the plant, and can provide reports on pass/fail rates of product that has passed through quality control, identify batch inconsistencies and even track stored product freshness dates.

Robots can produce a consistently high quality finishing of materials and are extremely effective in handling repetitive and tedious tasks. Their inherent accuracy and repeatability also means that you can count on a high quality finish for every product.

We custom designs automation and robotic systems to meet clients specific needs. If you want to improve product quality, we can design smart, simple and reliable system that helps you achieve the quality levels your customers expect.

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