Australian manufacturer improves safety & minimises risk with a UR10 Collaborative Robot


DENSO Automotive Systems Australia (Australian Automotive Air) based in Croydon, Victoria manufactures engine cooling systems, air conditioning, air intake systems, fuel pump modules and instrument clusters as well as the sales of imported and aftermarket automotive products.

DENSO were looking to improve safety, specifically for operators lifting un-ergonomic Automotive AC / Heating motor body assemblies from the manual assembly station to a conveyor for transferring to the next work station. Initial internal investigation within the DENSO team resulted in the assumption that implementation of a robot to automate the process would be too complex and with poor return on investment.

Denso UR Robot











DENSO, needing a solution that was able to remove potential for injury, be cost effective (ROI), fast to implement and easy for operators to adjust. DENSO selected a Universal Robot UR10 from Scott Automation & Robotics after attending SCOTT’s Melbourne office for a client demonstration. Denso worked alongside SCOTT to get a thorough understanding of the UR10’s capabilities, ironing out any questions or hesitations.

Staff at DENSO’s decision to purchase the UR10 was backed by Scott Automation & Robotics’ ongoing support and reputation as an industry leader in collaborative robotics, citing the main difference in Scotts’ approach “Scott have expert knowledge in the collaborative robot space. The technical guidance provided by Scott, along with their responsiveness to questions was second to none.”


The AC / Heating motor body assemble, weighing 8 kg is physically large and difficult to handle. DENSO considered other collaborative robot models and brands, but payload and reach eliminated most of the other units. The UR10 exceeded the project requirements in being able to perform the task required by the production process. The UR10 was able to eliminate the risk of repetitive strain injuries by removing the manual lifting and twisting that had exposed operators to risk.

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