Innovation – Critical for Future Manufacturing Competitiveness

Innovation has been deemed the most critical driver of a nation’s competitiveness according to the recently released 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index by Deloitte. The index cited Australia as 16th on a ranking of current competitiveness, a drop from the nation’s 2010 ranking of 15th. Unless dire action is taken for Australian manufacturers to remain competitive forecasts made within the Index suggest that Australia’s ranking is expected to drop again over the next five years.

As published by Deloitte a company Manufacturing Partner, Damon Cantwell has stated that “In order for Australia to move up the competitive index over the next five years, the efficiency of our innovation system and better utilising our highly-skilled workforce will be seen as the main differentiating factors for our success in manufacturing competitiveness”.

Jamie Bailey, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer at Machinery Automation and Robotics feels there is significant scope for Australian Manufacturers to harness innovative methods, increase efficiency and better utilise staff resources. “Many of the companies that we work with are looking for ways to decrease their cost of manufacture, increase their throughput, and minimise their WHS risk” said Mr Bailey “by streamlining manufacturing processes through the application of innovative automated solutions, Australian manufacturers have the ability to maximise profitability, and maintain their global competitive edge.”

While rankings are not in favour of Australian manufacturer’s opportunities are in favour, with predictions that the Asia-Pacific will remain the global centre point of manufacturing. This geographical benefit combined with the ability to leverage off Australia’s stable economic, financial and trading system provide Australian Manufacturers with a degree of competitive advantage.

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The application of the pictured MAR Palletiser and other MAR solutions aided VIP Packaging in increasing their competitiveness through innovation.








The application of the pictured MAR Palletiser and other MAR solutions aided VIP Packaging in increasing their competitiveness through innovation.