Innovative Conveyor Maintenance: Using automation to increase conveyor uptime, eliminate health and safety risks

MARbot Idler Predict - Automation for the Mining Industry

MARbot Idler Predict - Automation for the Mining Industry

There is no questioning the crucial nature of conveyor operation within the mining business or the detrimental impact of down time. It is a known fact that continuous operation of such equipment inevitably leads to wear and the requirement to service or replace. The question is how can conveyor uptime be increased, optimum value from investment be obtained, and work place health and safety risks removed?

Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) have developed a number of ground-breaking innovative mining technologies to aid in conveyor maintenance and conveyor servicing tasks. Systems such as the recently released robotic idler prediction system, MARbot Idler Predict, utilise key and identifiable factors of conveyor operation and failure which can be quantified for autonomous assessment.

Capable of inspecting idlers on loaded, operational conveyors, the system brings significant benefits to the mining industry, saving the industry time, money and increasing mining safety. Alongside these key benefits the MARbot Idler Predict allows mine sites to increase operational gain through predictive maintenance and is easily integrated with a mine site’s existing scheduled maintenance planning system.

Having conducted a vast number of trials and analysis,  the team at MAR have developed a thorough understanding of factors and signs that can pinpoint impending conveyor idler failure. The capability of monitoring idler life with this accuracy and ease is anticipated to become an industry game changer.

If you are interested in finding out how the MARbot Idler Predict and other MAR mining technologies which can aid your mine site contact MAR for more information or to arrange a site visit.