Scott Automation and KUKA help shape new sculptures in Melbourne’s new Monument Park

KUKA, together with System Partner Scott Automation and Robotics have helped shape the sculptures at the new Monument Park in Melbourne, Australia

monument Docklands
The KUKA robot, an industrial German robot arm typically used for manufacturing, has broadened its horizons to sculpting. Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) sculpting, to be specific.

Artist Callum Morton developed this interesting project for the new Dockland precinct in Melbourne and GRC Environments were tasked to build the pieces for the sculptures. Callum wanted to build something solid + light and with this in mind GRC would be the best material to use. For GRC Environments to build this project with their traditional methods, this project would have taken several years to complete.

GRC Environments decided to approach MAR for a solution. With the implementation of a KUKA robot they were able to help mill and cut the sculptures. This cuts time from several years down to 7 months to build 55 pieces for the sculpture.

The robot did not only help build the pieces faster, but they were highly accurate as well. From the words of Luke Giacobbe from GRC Environments “That’s when it’s satisfying, Everything just fits, perfect!”

Look at the full video below

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