Robotics & Automation Solutions – “Ask the Expert”

Since the company’s inception in 1987, Scott Automation & Robotics (Previously Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) have established themselves as the automation and robotic experts. Having implemented automation and robotic solutions to a range of applications and industries, the innovative team at MAR want to share their knowledge and skills through the launch of MAR – Ask the Expert.

Ask the Expert is a series of short videos in which experts from Scott Automation and Robotics transfer some of their knowledge and experience. Covering a range of content including the use of automation in the mining, metals and food industry to more specific topics on sensing and vision applications. The “Ask the Expert” series will investigate all areas of automation and robotics, from the basic solutions to ground-breaking technologies.

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Case Studies

Series 1 – “Ask the Expert” – 3D Vision Technology

An overview on 3D Vision by Machinery Automation and Robotics’ own expert Roland Painter. This episode provides an overview of what exactly 3D vision is, why and when it is used, various acquisition options, profiling methods and much more. Roland’s clear experience on the vision subject matter combined with his lighthearted and approachable manner make 

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