Automatic Plastic Bottle Palletising and Pallet Handling System

PACE Zenith Awards 2014, Manufacturing Project of the Year Adam Saint, with VIP Production Manager, Shane Roberts

Robotic Palletising and Pallet Handling System wins ‘Manufacturing project of the Year” at the PACE Zenith Awards

Placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems manageable enough. However, when you need to meet the most rigorous demands in terms of speed, care of handling, pallet patterns, stability, precision and cycle time, nothing compares to a robot-based automation solution from Machinery, Automation and Robotics

VIP Packaging is a leading plastic and steel packaging solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand, delivering innovative and sustainable outcomes for their customers.

VIP packaging turned to MAR to optimise their palletising procedures of blow moulded plastic bottles. Originally VIP packaging employed a manual palletising process, which was not only labour intensive but also inefficient and at times inconsistent.

MAR installed a system to automate the handling of the packaging products from the blow moulder outfeed to the pallet. The newly installed system can be broken in various functions including a Conveyor System that routes product from three moulding machines and converges into one conveyor to feed into a cell. Vision systems on common cell in feed verify product quality. The inspection systems complete three different Quality Assurance checks – handle flash removal, neck flash removal & neck circularity. The robot system, which provides continuous operation during the palletising process, comprises of a robot which distributes the empty pallet stacks to the loading stations. The Pallet Handling System Pallet Dispenser which transfers either complete or empty pallet with two pallet loading conveyors per cell. Finally, a pallet strapping system is built into the outfeed allowing the product to be wrapped prior to exiting the system.

The programming and operation are carried out via the user friendly Robotics HMI screen providing the operator with clear, concise instructions throughout the entire palletising process plus alerting them to any irregularities or faults.

The benefits of the automated Plastic Bottle Line Palletising system are quite clear:

  • Elimination of all manual handling during palletising operations, resulting in significant labour-cost savings and adherence to occupational health and safety standards
  • High-speed palletising with a minimum rate of 1400 bottles per hour
  • Incorporation of two separate carton infeed conveyors and six pallet-loading stations within a single cell
  • Flexible palletising – both Chep and Export pallets can be processed simultaneously within the cell
  • Incorporation of a fully automatic stretch wrapper system
  • A user-friendly, customised Panel View Plus 700 HMI
  • Centralised vision inspection system ensuring quality assurance
  • An increase in production capacity due to the fully automatic upstream packing systems

Our palletising robots have provided VIP Packaging with a cost-effective, easy to use, one-stop choice for both end users and system integrators.

For more information visit our Robotic Palletising section or contact us and discuss you requirements with one of our Solution Engineers.