MAR launches ‘Energy Control’ – green energy management system

MAR is excited to announce the launch of MAR ‘Energy Control’, a solution for monitoring and controlling electrical, gas, water and diesel consumption.

MAR’s ‘Energy Control’ runs on a PC to monitor your energy usage throughout your facility. The Energy Monitor can identify energy usage by facility, building, section and right down to each piece of equipment. This allows you to identify the energy hungry sections of the facility and to develop strategies to reduce energy usage. MAR Energy Control can be configured to cycle or shut down non essential energy consuming equipment at peak times to reduce you energy bill.

MAR can work with you to develop a strategy to measure energy useage across your facility and develop plans to reduce your energy consumption. For example, MAR Engineers recently identified a large fan motor as a high energy consumer in a building. MAR and the client discovered that the fan was not always required to run at full speed, so MAR installed a power inverter to control the speed of the fan and reduced it’s energy consumption by over 40%, saving the client thousands on their energy bill. MAR Energy Control is scalable and can be used to monitor only a few items or an entire factory or high rise building..

With the Federal Government’s launch of $1b in funding for manufacturers to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution now is the time to talk to us about how MAR Energy Control can help you improve you bottom line and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

For more information on MAR Energy Control and the government grants for improved energy efficiency, contact Troy Krogh at