MAR Makes a Cameo in KFC #FoodPorn

While some people can’t get enough of taking selfies, there is another delight quickly climbing the top of every social media timeline: #FoodPorn. It’s now everywhere and will make you feel hungry.

Here’s a sexy food porn starring the new tasty kentucky and hunger busting Zinger Stacker.

Here’s a sneak peek at what happened behind the scenes of the shoot.

Noticed anything familiar with the robot? You got it! The robotic solution was planned and installed by MAR.

The ABB  industrial robot is ideal for this application as it is very flexible with bend-over-backwards capability, high payload, and can accurately maintain its planned path considering its acceleration. It is dedicated to pre-machining applications in the foundry industry and is designed for high performance applications where robot stability is a key factor.

It’s so exciting to look out for what’s the next ‘out of the box” application of what clearly is a multi-functional technology.