SCOTT Paused 4 Parkinsons

Pause for Parkinson's logo v2SCOTT  Staff on behalf of the Shake it Up Australia Foundation, Paused 4 Parkinsons for World Parkinson’s Day to help raise awareness and generate donations for helping to stop and cure the disease.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder of unknown cause. While advancing age remains the greatest risk factor, one in 10 sufferers are diagnosed before they reach 40. There is no objective test, or biomarker, for Parkinson’s disease, so the rate of misdiagnosis can be relatively high, especially when the diagnosis is made by a non-specialist. Estimates of the number of people living with the disease therefore vary, but recent research indicates more than five million worldwide, have Parkinson’s disease.

Many people associate the Parkinson’s disease with an elderly relative or the odd celebrity on TV. The majority of the population understand it to be ‘just the shakes’. The reality is much different.

  • Parkinson’s is the second most common neurological disease in Australia after dementia.
  • The disease affects an estimated 10 million individuals worldwide – 100,000 in Australia.
  • 30 Aussies are diagnosed with the disease every day.
  • 20% of sufferers are under 50 years old and 10% are diagnosed before the age of 40.
  • The number of people with Parkinson’s has increased by 17% in the last six years with costs to the community increasing by over 48%.

For comparison purposes the prevalence of Parkinson’s is greater than prostate, bowel and many other forms of cancer and the total number of Parkinson’s sufferers is 4 times the number of people suffering with MS.

World Parkinson’s Day puts Parkinson’s in the spotlight and offers Shake It Up Australia supporters a chance to raise much needed funds for Parkinson’s research.

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Pause 4 Parkinsons 2015 at Scott Automation & Robotics Silverwater, led by Clyde Campbell.