MAR wins the APPMA 2015 Design Achievement Award for Container Loading

Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR) are proud to be awarded the winner of the APPMA 2015 Design Achievement Award for Container Loading.

The solution is automated container loading primarily for chilled cartons. Although some semi-automated or load assistance devices exist for container packing of frozen cartons, MAR saw a need to develop alternative solutions where chilled meat cartons were being packed in containers for shipping. Design and technology arose from a need of a more reliable, efficient, productive and safer container loading process. The automated container loading was developed to address the problems of manual labour handling of the packages which includes high labour costs, Reject Reduction, OH&S, Rates, Traceability, Quality and Automation. The solution includes a world-class vision system and quality assurance technology that is able to trace every single package and remove any damaged cartons and highlights accuracy, efficiency, productivity and safety.

APPMA Award Winners 2015_008