Automation & Robotic Solutions for the Meat & Poultry Industry

SCOTT sets the benchmark for automation technology in the global meat industry and has established itself as a world leader in commercialising innovative solutions for the meat industry.

The SCOTT meat processing automation products increase carcass yield, enhances labour efficiency, reduces staff training requirements and eliminates many physically demanding tasks from the production line. Product quality improvements are also generated through reduced manual handling of carcasses and cleaner cuts.

With a range of proven meat technology solutions available we can assist with all of your meat cutting,  packing,  processing and slaughter automation needs. Our products and solutions cater to multiple meat industry segments, including but not limited to: beef technology, poultry technology, lamb and sheep technology along with general small stock technology.

Offering a complete service, SCOTT’s innovative meat technology solutions are supplied integrated, installed, commissioned for production and backed by the continued 24 hour support and service.

So what are the benefits a Robotic System in the Meat Industry?


  • Reduction  in the operation and capital costs of meat processing entities
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Improved hygiene and visual appearance through reduced biological load
  • Increased yield  -through accuracy of cut and elimination of sawdust
  • Improved cut surface finishing, repeatability and accuracy of meat automation over systems controlled by hand
  • Increased production and manufacturing flexibility
  • Improved quality of work for employees
  • Improvement in workplace health and safety; elimination of risk of operator strain injury or trauma injury from traditional techniques
  • 24/7 service and support insuring production certainty
  • Proven solutions and expertise

See the X-Ray Primal and Middle machine in action!

To find out more about our innovative meat processing technologies, or to arrange a site visit, contact the SCOTT team today.



Case Studies

SCOTT & MLA Win the AEEA Sydney Awards 2016

The Australian Engineering Excellence Awards recognise world class achievements in engineering. SCOTT and MLA are extremely proud to have won the Products & Manufacturing Facilities Award for our X-Ray Primal & Middle System. Hosted by Engineers Australia, the AEEA Awards 2016 program seeks to identify, recognise and reward outstanding achievements in the practice of engineering 

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Scott Automation & Robotics Capabilities Video

SCOTT are a leading provider of automation & robotic solutions globally that improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors in industries including meat, food, mining, and general manufacturing. We offer a complete service, from design, manufacture, project management through to implementation, commissioning and on-going 24 hour / 7 day service and support. Scott 

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Manual Measure Single Tower Lamb Primal

Manual Measure Single Tower Primal Machine The manual measure single tower primal machine utilises the same tower design as the fully automated x-ray twin tower system with the x-ray being replaced with a manual measure station. It is expected that this system will deliver a two-year payback for Customers averaging a minimum of 290,000 head 

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Transforming the Australian red meat industry – Automated x-ray guided lamb processing

Automated X-Ray technology is transforming the meat industry by providing improved yield through the accuracy of cutting. This video demonstrates the developments by Scott Automation & Robtoics in lamb automation with our Australian partners, Australian Lamb Company, JBS Australia and Meat and Livestock Australia. Lucinda Corrigan, MLA Donor Company Chair, notes that the resulting improved yields 

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System Integration for production-critical meat processing plant

For any successful business functioning in a production-critical industry the need to expand operation is often tempered by the prospect of lengthy, unscheduled downtime, disrupted productivity and diminishing profits during the expansion period. The impact of an expansion project can weigh heavily on many companies’ short-term profitability and often delays the decision to expand at 

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BladeStop™ – Reduce the risk of serious injury, stop bandsaw blades within a fraction of a second

Bandsaws are used extensively  in the meat industry from large meat processing plants through to butchers shops and supermarkets.  Whilst bandsaws are an essential tool in the industry, they also pose a high risk to the health and safety of your employees and are a major contributor to serious injuries, including serious cuts, lacerations and amputations. According 

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Robots improve safety at abattoir

Meat processing is a labour-intensive, hands-on industry that requires extensive safety protocols to protect the health and safety of operators – not to mention the health and safety of consumers. Recently, an international meat processing company, based in Australia, needed to raise its operations to a safer and more productive level. The company sought help 

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