Robotic Beef Rib Cutting


Scott Automation & Robotic’s Robotic Beef Rib Cutting system replaces the actions of the manual rib cutter operations.

Beef Rib Cutting is the first point at which yield can be lost during the boning process and also poses a large risk of personal injuries or amputations to operators.

The Automated Robotic Beef Rib Cutting system eliminates all key risks to employee Workplace Health & Safety and is capable of operating at line speeds of 520 sides per hour.

The Automated Robotic Beef Rib Cutting system uses a combination 3D scanners, x-ray and colour cameras.    The 3-D scanner is used to scan the carcase and assist in cut placement and transforms the vision processing results for the robot to perform the cut. A colour camera is also used to identify a point of interest on the carcase to help determine the correct cut location. Finally a circular saw is mounted to the end of a robot to enable the cuts to be performed on the carcase.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Labour – saving of approximately 2-3 operators per working shift
  • Safety – eliminates risk of strain, injury & trauma (including amputations) from using dangerous equipment
  • Improved Processing Efficiency – less rework due to consistent and repeatable operations
  • Increased Yield Gain – consistency and quality of operation leads to smooth downstream operations
  • Reduced Contamination – reduced contamination compared to manual operations

The Robotic Beef Rib Cutter was developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.

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