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Bladestop is available worldwide through our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and South America along with our distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Case Studies

Bladestop Safety Technology reduces Bandsaw Risks to Abbatoir Workers

Safety technology is providing improved safety for employees in the Australian meat processing sector, while reducing lost production time and compensation claims from injuries. Southern Meats, based at Goulburn in southern New South Wales have invested in several BladeStop™ bandsaws. Southern Meats OH&S Manager Claire Graham said four major incidents in five years involving traditional bandsaws 

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New BladeStop GloveCheck Revolutionary Technology Released

New BladeStop Glovecheck technology released The success of the unique BladeStop bandsaw safety mechanism keeps going from strength to strength since the product was successfully developed by MAR and MLA, then launched commercially in January 2014. Demand for BladeStop equipped saws has exceeded all expectations and production volumes have been increased to meet market needs. 

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BladeStop™ – Reduce the risk of serious injury, stop bandsaw blades within a fraction of a second

Bandsaws are used extensively  in the meat industry from large meat processing plants through to butchers shops and supermarkets.  Whilst bandsaws are an essential tool in the industry, they also pose a high risk to the health and safety of your employees and are a major contributor to serious injuries, including serious cuts, lacerations and amputations. According 

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