Red Meat Training Cell

MAR Red Meat Training CellMeat processing is a tasked based industry and the best way to learn and improve practical skills is on the job training. MAR have developed a Mobile Research and Training Robotic Cell to facilitate the teaching of operator, maintenance and management staff in the use of a robotic cell in the Red Meat Industry. It provides operators with a better vision of the task at hand including the skills and expertise required. The cell is based on the design of the Brisket Cutter, Sani Vac and Kidney Fat Removal systems that MAR currently has in this field.


  • Nothing can substitute hands on training
  • Skilled operators increase quality and standard of meat processing giving businesses a leading edge
  • Provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals involved in numerous current robotic processes
  • Adaptable and fully transferable throughout the Red Meat Processing Industry to future and existing robotic procedures