X-Ray Primal, Middle Machine & Forequarter System

The X-Ray Primal System automates the cutting of lamb primals, delivering  highly accurate, clean primal cuts superior to anything produced by a human operator. The X-Ray Primal System creates a 3D map of the bones within the carcass. This is used to guide the primal cutter with an accuracy far greater than human capabilities. The x-ray data is also provided to all downstream boning room modules. The X-Ray System provides the correct height and angle measurements for each cut. This provides a precise cut location at the correct angle and the dual rotating knife blades ensure a cleaner accurate cut.

The Middle System automates the bone-in processing of lamb middles. The system delivers improved yield, minimises waste, improves safety, increases labour efficiency and enables product optimisation. Yield improvements are achieved through precision controlled cutting equipment aligned by the x-ray image system. This achieves cutting accuracy beyond any human operator capability. The imaging system enables flap removal to be undertaken in line with any required specification. Powered circular knives split the loin from the rack, according to cut requirements. Loin yield improvements are achieved due to the elimination of sawdust and excellent cutting accuracy. The chine boning station is superior to anything else on the market, using a unique patented process to customise chine removed to suit the individual rack saddle. The splitting station splits loins, racks or whole middles precisely down the middle of the feather bone, eliminating a difficult and dangerous bandsaw task.

The Forequarter System automates the process of cutting lamb forequarters. The system delivers improved yield and excellent cut quality. It also minimises waste and eliminates dangerous bandsaw tasks. The 3D scanning and use of robots for cutting improves accuracy, increases yield by approximately 5 grams per carcass. Room throughput is dramatically improved because the Forequarter System delivers a consistently steady flow of product. The system has the ability to replace bandsaw operators, reducing risks to staff and the number of operators required in the process. The system processes forequarter cuts without human handling, greatly reducing contamination risk and provides increased product shelf life. The robot arm grasps the forequarter and uses a bandsaw to make the cuts calculated by the 3D imaging system. The forequarter products are then transferred to a conveyor belt for further processing and final packaging. No human intervention is required to process a forequarter into marketable cuts of meat. The Forequarter System scans each forequarter with a 3D vision camera. A virtual model is created and the optimal cut locations are automatically calculated. These are used to guide a robotic arm to maximise product yield and minimise waste.

So what benefits can the Scott Automation + Robotics X-Ray Primal & Middle Machine offer?

  • Yield improvements an average of 60 grams per carcass
  • Increased and consistent throughput
  • Labour efficiency and safety
  • Reduced sawdust
  • Cut accuracy
  • Scallop cutting
  • Optimised cut selection
  • Spinal cord removal


SCOTT Automated Lamb Processing at JBS Bordertown

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