Mining Technology

Scott Automation and Robotics is a global leader in providing innovative Mining Technologies for your mine site.

With extensive experience across many industries globally, SCOTT develops advanced technology solutions in mining that provide optimised client outcomes in improved safety, productivity and efficiency.

Our Mining Solutions


Conveyor MaintenanceRoller Idler Changeout for Mining Conveyors

We can provide automated conveyor monitoring and maintenance systems such as the Roller Idler Change Solution which is capable of replacing idlers on loaded, operational conveyors.

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

Our Automated Wheel Change solutions significantly reduce risks associated with the tyre maintenance tasks on  haul or dump trucks.

Milling Circuits

We provide a variety of Mill Maintenance solutions such as the Automatic replacement  mill liner retainer bolts and the Automated charge level scanning technology

Robofuel Robotic RefuellingRobofuel - Robotic Refuelling Technology for Mining dump trucks

The Robofuel system uses a state-of-the-art vision sensing and detection system which allows the robot to locate the position and orientation of the truck’s fuel tank.

Sample Preparation

Combining ingenuity and technical excellence, ROCKLABS® designs and manufactures systems, equipment and materials that transform the processes of metals and minerals research, mining and exploration organisations around the world.

Scanning and Profiling

Our scanning and profiling technologies suit open and underground mining applications and provide accurate and reputable measurements, improving mining safety and time

Sorting & Inspection

SCOTT  have extensive knowledge and experience in the sorting of processed ore using imaging processes. This expertise has been further extended after the company acquired Applied Sorting (AST) in 2014 who were leaders in advanced sensing and imaging technologies including X-ray, DEXA and CT scanning

All our mining technology solutions are designed to increase up-time, reduce  costs, provide production efficiencies and decrease associated safety risks.


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Case Studies

See Robofuel – Robotic Refuelling Technology at MINExpo2016

See the Robotic Refuelling Technology – Robofuel in action at the Western Global Stand #26029 September 26-28 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016 is a world of innovation in one place. It is the largest show of its kind in the world and draws a truly international audience representing all major mining regions of the world. MINExpo® 

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Award Winner – The PACE Zenith Mining Minerals Process & Control Award for ROBOFUEL

Scott Automation & Robotics are proud to be awarded the winner of the PACE Zenith Mining Minerals Process & Control Award 2016, for our automated refuel system, ROBOFUEL. ROBOFUEL™ is an automation and control solution, combined with the latest vision and sensing technologies providing refuelling of mine trucks accurately, safely and autonomously. The ROBOFUEL™ process uses 

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Award Winner – The Warren Centre Innovation Award for the Robotic Idler Changer

Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR) are proud to be awarded the winner of the Warren Centre 2014 Innovation Award for the design, development and commerialisation of the Robotic Idler Changer for the Mining Industry. Clyde Campbell accepted the award on behalf of MAR and the entire team involved in the project. The Innovation Hero Award 

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Increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Safety in Mining

The global resources industry is a constantly evolving beast, and it is now entering a new age of technological development. Mining is currently seeing the start of what will be the great convergence of IT and operational technologies. Many observers have touted it as the foundation for the industry’s next technological step change, which will be 

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Robotic Idler Change-out Technology Advances

An article published in Australian Bulk Handling Review commends  the new robotic technology developed, by Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) for the mining industry.   The technology has demonstrated its potential to overcome the safety and productivity challenges traditionally associated with the conveyor idler change-out process. MAR’s robot technology replaces idlers on operational, loaded conveyors. 

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