Rocklabs Combo Systems

In a ROCKLABS® customisable Combo System, two or more machines or devices are connected within a single compact machine allowing multiple sampling steps to be combined into one process.

ROCKLABS industry-specific range of Combo Systems are designed to reduce human handling errors and increase sample output while improving sample quality and easing labour costs.

Combo Systems

Boyd ELITE® Rotating Sample Divider BRSD combines a double-acting fine jaw crusher with a Rotating Sample Divider for a one-step crushing and splitting process. 

Continuous Ring Mill with built-in Rotating Sample Divider (CRM – RSD) combines pulverising and splitting into one single process resulting in increased productivity.

Smart BOYD RSD combo has all of the unique features of the BOYD RSD combo, but includes some automation to provide a pre-selected weight.

ROCKLABS Smart BOYD LSD combo combines the BOYD Crusher with a Linear Sample Divider (LSD) controlled by a Programmable Logic System (PLC) allowing an operator to pre-weigh samples and select the suitable split weights. It is capable of variable splits in one pass.


Rocklabs Boyd Elite Crusher

Rocklabs Boyd Elite Crusher

For further information including detailed specifications please visit the Rocklabs Combo Systems webpage.