Rocklabs Standard Equipment

ROCKLABS® are world leaders in the development of high quality, low maintenance sample preparation equipment for the mineral and metals industry.

These products are the industry standard in crushing, splitting, dividing and pulverising equipment and are built to the highest quality.

Standard Equipment


Rocklabs Boyd CrusherROCKLABS BOYD Elite is the world’s first double-acting fine jaw crusher, employing jaws that can hold up to 5kg of sample and crush a 50mm sample to 2mm in a single pass.

ROCKLABS BIG BOYD Crusher – employs double-acting fine jaw crushers to process samples of up to 20kg further reducing sample time.

ROCKLABS Gravity Gold Concentrator (GGC) delivers a more accurate analysis of coarse gold samples, resulting in higher yields and less waste.

ROCKLABS Hydraulic Crusher trims excess material from rock samples and drills cores prior to pulverising.

ROCKLABS Rotating Sample Dividers (RSDs) are designed to split out a representative proportion of a sample with a high degree of dividing accuracy. The design is robust and the machinery easy to operate.

ROCKLABS Ring Mills are used for pulverising a variety of materials for subsequent analysis by instrumental methods or wet chemistry.

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