Sensor Based Sorting and Inspection

Sorting and inspection technologies for the mining industryScott Automation + Robotics have extensive knowledge and experience in the sorting of processed ore using imaging processes.

This expertise has been further extended after the company acquired Applied Sorting (AST) in 2014 who were leaders in advanced sensing and imaging technologies including X-ray, DEXA and CT scanning

With experience in many techniques of sorting processed ore using imaging processes, grounded in the development over 20 years ago of diamond recovery equipment for Argyle Diamonds, utilising x-ray fluorescence.

Scott has recently developed the x-ray transmission sorter, intended primarily for analysing the ores of steel alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum and nickel.  This system then sorts ore-based on mineral content, enabling high yields for minimum processing cost.

Benefits of the Ore Sorting Equipment

By providing an economical way to reject sub economic grade materials at large particle sizes, ore sorting is an ideal tool for:

  • Recovering valuable fractions from waste dumps
  • Making low grade ore deposits viable to develop
  • Accelerating cash flow & payback
  • Removing nuisance materials e.g. talc
  • Improving processing plant recoveries & efficiencies
  • Reducing transport & processing costs
  • Machines are able to handle materials ranging in size from 150mm down to around 35mm at throughput rates up to 50 tonnes per hour per machine.


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