New BladeStop GloveCheck Revolutionary Technology Released

New BladeStop Glovecheck technology released

The success of the unique BladeStop bandsaw safety mechanism keeps going from strength to strength since the product was successfully developed by MAR and MLA, then launched commercially in January 2014.

Demand for BladeStop equipped saws has exceeded all expectations and production volumes have been increased to meet market needs.

In a further development MAR and BladeStop Pty Ltd announced this week that a new technology is available as an option for BladeStop equipped bandsaws.

Glovecheck (patent pending) is an optional add-on sensing system that detects operator gloves moving at high speed in a zone directly upstream from the band saw blade, and triggers the BladeStop mechanism to stop the blade.Glovecheck operates in conjunction with the existing BladeStop body sensing system, so now the risk of operator injury is further reduced by sensing the glove in front of the saw, or if the fingers are obscured under the meat, the BladeStop body sensing system will detect contact with the blade, and in both cases stops the blade in under 15 milliseconds.

The BladeStop Glovecheck system was recently demonstrated to several processing industry representatives, and site trials have been underway with a select early adopter of the Bladestop technology. The response and feedback has been outstanding.

MAR Innovation Manager – Stuart Shaw says “when we demonstrate Glovecheck people are amazed at the speed of the system and that the operator glove is not damaged by the saw. Glovecheck takes our BladeStop technology to a whole new level. We really have a great product to support meat processors and other bandsaw users in reducing serious injury risk for their bandsaw operations”.

 Glovecheck is available as a factory fitted option on new BladeStop saws, and also as a retrofit option for existing BladeStop installations.

See Bladestop Glovecheck technology in action!

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