1000 BladeStop Bandsaws Installed Globally

Scott is pleased to announce that we recently installed our 1000th BladeStop™ bandsaw. The BladeStop’s unique sensing and fast-stopping capabilities are the difference between having a minor skin cut or an amputation, meaning every day over 1000 operators go to work knowing their risk of serious injury is reduced. Businesses across 25 countries are confident that they have award-winning technology with the fastest stopping time on the market keeping their staff safe.

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“1000 BladeStop’s installed is a great achievement for us and the meat processing industry. I would like to thank both our customers, and our BladeStop team for their commitment to making bandsaw operators jobs safer and ensuring they are able to home at the end of each day injury-free.”

Andrew Arnold, Director – Meat Processing

There are a variety of BladeStop models available suitable for a range of processing requirements which are manufactured at our sites all around the world. Our customers can have faith that their BladeStop will be delivered on time; minimising stress associated with supply, shipping and unforeseen costs. Support doesn’t end once the BladeStop is delivered with our qualified BladeStop technicians ready to support you and your machines 24/7, wherever you might be in the world, most only a few hours away.

With fast restart functionality and no blade change required between stops, BladeStop is simple to use and easy to operate. Join the now thousands of people who use BladeStop and experience the peace of mind it brings to processing lines around the world.

Contact the Scott team about being the owner of one of our next 1000 BladeStop saws today.


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