BladeStop Qualifies for the Australian Governments Instant Tax Write Off

Our award winning BladeStop bandsaw is now available to purchase under the Australian Government's Instant Tax Write Off scheme which has recently been expanded to include businesses with up to $5 billion annual turnover.

Scott’s award winning BladeStop™ bandsaw is designed with revolutionary body sensing technology and reduces the high risk of bandsaw operation related injuries. Featuring one of the fastest stopping times on the market, Bladestop’s dual sensing technology also includes the GloveCheck™ sensing system.  GloveCheck detects the operator’s gloves moving at high speeds in a zone directly upstream from the blade and is ideal for high speed and hand-flick cutting tasks.

Now is a great time to invest in a BladeStop bandsaw for your business with the Australian Government’s Instant Asset Write Off threshold now being available to any business with up to $5 billion annual turnover for any individual asset costing less than $150,000. This means that any BladeStop purchased from now and used or installed by 30 June 2022 is an immediate asset write off.  Read more about the Instant Asset Write Off

Get in contact today to order a BladeStop or to discuss how the asset write off can apply to you.


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