Bladestop Series II has Arrived

BladeStop Series II bandsaw  further enhances the already ground-breaking design and functionality of the current system. With a faster stopping time, quick restart capability and no blade change required, BladeStop Series II is the ultimate for reducing bandsaw risk.

BladeStop is available worldwide through our offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe and in other regions through our distributor network. Contact us today for a quote.

Key Features of the BladeStop Series II Bandsaw

  • Fastest stopping time on the market
  • Fast reset/restart capability
  • No bending of the blade after an emergency stop
  • No blade change required after an emergency stop


Find out more information on a BladeStop Bandsaw or contact us today for a quote.

Retrofit Kits are now available to upgrade Series I to Series II saws

SCOTT have developed a retrofit-kit to upgrade your existing Series I BladeStop to a Series II. Stock is now available, upgrade to the Series II at your next service.

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