King Salmon Automated Fish Bone Removal Partnership

A new partnership between Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, Scott Technology and Seafood Innovations to automate removal of fish bones from New Zealand’s highly prized King Salmon.

Automated Pin Bone Removal

There are more than 30 pin bones in every King Salmon fillet with no current alternative to providing a bone out product than plucking them manually, one by one.

Unlike the more ubiquitous Atlantic Salmon grown elsewhere in the world, King Salmon or Chinook, have a finer bone structure and technologies developed for automating pin bone removal for Atlantics, can’t be adapted for King Salmon.

A year ago, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon partnered with Scott to research known technologies and develop a pathway of automation beginning with the first instance, assistive hand held devices for Mt Cook Alpine Salmon.

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon pin bone removal3

Funding The Project

Because of the pioneering nature of the project, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon approached Seafood Innovations Ltd to provide financial assistance and received more than half a million dollars of backing for the project.

“Seafood Innovations Ltd is really excited about the potential this project has to deliver significant value to Mt Cook Alpine Salmon by helping the company meet growing market demand for its premium product,” notes Seafood Innovations Ltd’s General Manager Anna Yallop.  “Similarly, Scott Technology has an excellent track record of delivering highly effective solutions to New Zealand companies, so we are very pleased to be a part of this endeavour and look forward to seeing how this project progresses over coming months.”

The pin bone project has several milestones and is expected to take around 18 months to complete.

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